Wayne WAPC250 (57729-WYNP) Pump Review

Wayne WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump

Please Note: This model is also referred to as the Wayne 57729-WYNP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump on Amazon.com.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of good pool cover pumps on the market and they all basically do the same job but there are some that do the job better, faster and are much more reliable. In all three of those categories, that is certainly the case for the Wayne WAPC250 Pool Cover Water Removal Pump.

About Wayne Water Systems

So you’re probably asking yourself “who the heck is Wayne?” Well, I asked myself the same thing when I looked into Wayne pumps as I’ve never heard of them either. Wayne Water Systems is actually part of the Scott Fetzer Company, a company in the great State of Ohio that started way back in 1914. And what is one of Scott Fetzer’s best and most popular products? Every heard of KIRBY Vacuums? Yup, these are the same guys that make the very popular Kirby Vacuums among many many other home products that we all use everyday. What does that mean to me? That tells me that this company is about durability, reliability, value for your money and worry free products that are trusted by American families everywhere.

Features of the Wayne WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump

So, now that you know a little about the folks that make Wayne sump and utility pumps, let’s talk a little more about the WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump. First let me show you the features that make this pump a winner:

  • Pumps Up To 3000 GPH
  • Plug In, and Leave the Pump Unattended for Worry-Free Water Removal
  • Built-In Debris and Ice Overload Protection
  • iSwitch® Sensing Technology – Microprocessor Controlled for Optimal Operation
  • 25 ft. “Pull To Shore” Rope Included
  • 25 ft. Power Cord
  • Energy Efficient, High Flow Oil-Free Motor
  • Sealed Thermoplastic Construction For Submersible Use
  • Check Valve Reducer Included to Reduce Short-Cycling
  • Strainer Filters Debris to Minimize Clogging
  • ON Level – 2-1/8 in.
  • OFF Level – 3/4 in.
  • 1/4 HP Motor Rated 2.5 Amps

The one thing that stands out to me is the power of this little 1/4 HP pump and it’s ability to remove 3000 gallons per hour. Now there is very little chance you will ever have to remove 3000 gallons from the top of your pool cover but it’s not the quantity of the gallons but rather the SPEED at which the water can be removed. That is some serious pumping going on to remove that amount of water in such a short period of time and that is good to have as it will definitely help keep your cover from buckling under the heavy waters that come from rain and melting snow.

One thing I’ve preached on this site is that you want to make sure you purchase a pump that isn’t just made for pool covers. If you’re going to spend in excess of $100 on a pump, you will want to make sure it can do the job in other places too like flooded basements or wherever you need water removed in a quick manner. With all of the hurricanes over the past year, I’m sure the Wayne WAPC250 would have certainly helped out quite a few people who were overrun with flood waters. That’s when the 3000 gallons per hour pumping ability really comes into play.

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The GOOD About The Wayne WAPC250

So what are others saying about the Wayne WAPC250 pool cover pump?

– “Easy to handle”
– “Seems like a durable product”
– “This pump hasn’t passed the life test yet but it pumps faster and looks sharper than its predecessor the Rule 1800”
– “I really love this pump!”
– “Good quality product”
– “A very GOOD Pool Cover Pump”
– “This product is easy to use”
– “This product has saved me a lot of work”
– “Definitely recommend”

The BAD About The Wayne WAPC250

So what are the negatives? I would say there are few at this point as the Wayne WAPC250 is fairly new to the market and so far most reviews have been very upbeat. The WAPC250 is not the cheapest pool cover pump on the market, but you know you’re getting a good American made product that works well and that is worth spending a little extra for (especially when it comes to saving you from buying $100 pool covers every year.) The other unknown is longevity and this is because, again, it hasn’t been on the market very long. But the good news is that Wayne does offer a 3-year limited warranty so they definitely stand behind their products.

Would I Buy A Wayne Pump?

Well, right now I’m still using my RULE 1800 that I’ve had for a couple of years now (jump over HERE to read my review) and that pump has treated me very well. We’re closing in on Summer time at the time I’m writing this review and I’m sure I’ll put my Rule pump to the test again. But I can tell you this. If the Rule 1800 ever ‘bit the dust’ I would probably lean towards purchasing this Wayne pool cover pump. I like that it’s made by the people that make Kirby vacuums and I know those vacuums are as reliable a product as you can buy nowadays and I think the price is high but reasonable for what you get. And if you order from Amazon.com, you always have their very customer friendly return policy so there is little to lose. So if you’re in the market for a new pump, give the Wayne WAPC250 Pool Cover Water Removal Pump a try and I’m sure you’ll be happy.

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