The 5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

What are the Best Robotic Pool Cleaners ?

There is no doubt about the fact that machines have made our lives easier and much more comfortable. A good example would be robotic pool cleaners, the highly efficient and intelligent little machines that takes care of the task of cleaning your swimming pool effortlessly and without the need to babysit it all day. There are a number of really good robotic pool cleaners to choose from on today’s market and really it comes down to the type of pool you have and what you are willing to spend. For the money, the following are what we consider the TOP 5….

#5: Aquabot AJET121 Pool Rover Cleaner


Available in an adorable blue color (yeah, this can make a difference with your significant other!), the Aquabot AJET121 pool cleaner is ideally meant for cleaning pools that are above the ground surface. It is capable of cleaning pools of all shapes and sizes and it does a thorough cleaning of the pool floor along with the walls. Its filtering capabilities are also extremely impressive as it can filter up to 85 gallons of water per minute! The sleek design of this machine also allows it to maneuver easily through the pool so very little babysitting is needed here. The product comes with a 40″ EZ swivel cable that does not develop kinks. Another plus point about it would be its affordable price tag.

#4: Dolphin 99996356 Triton Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Dolphin-Triton-RoboticThe Dolphin Triton is the ideal machine for cleaning the walls, cove and floor of a swimming pool. It can clean in-ground swimming pools of up to fifty feet in length. It can scrub, vacuum and filter the entire pool in just three hours. It comes with a user-friendly cartridge filter system that is extremely easy to clean. Also, the patented swivel cable of the pool cleaner ensures that there is no development of messy tangles during its operation. The pool cleaner’s compact size makes it extremely portable and easy to store. Best of all, it offers plug-and-play usage, so there is no need of prior installations or connections in order to use this highly efficient cleaner.

#3: Hayward TigerShark Robotic Cleaner featuring Quick Clean Technology

hayward-tigershark-robotic-cleanerThe Hayward TigerShark cleaner is a hit amongst residential pool owners. If you are tired of seeing those unattractive debris and dirt on the pool while cleaning the same you should invest in this product because it features a powerful on-board pump that is capable of sucking up the debris and dirt from the swimming pool. It is easy to cleanup this filter cartridge system of this pool cleaner because one simply has to take it out and rinse it using a garden hose. What is impressive about this pool cleaner is that it calculates the size of the pool on its own and configures itself to ensure that the pool is cleaned efficiently and with minimum usage of energy. It’s definitely one of the more expensive robotic cleaners but the technology inside this machine and the efficiencies it offers definitely gives you what you pay for.

#2: Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Pool Cleaneraquabot-pool-rover-junior-pool-cleaner

The Aquabot Pool Rover Junior pool cleaner offers the best of both worlds: affordability as well as efficiency. The pool rover junior is equipped with a power supply transformer, an in-built 2-micron fine reusable filter bag and a forty feet cable that floats on water. This is a fully automatic product, which means that there is no need of programming it because it is intelligent enough to program itself to clean any kind of pool: oval, round, rectangular, etc. Other impressive features of the Pool Rover Junior from Aquabot are automatic shut-down timer (after 2 hours of operation), smart technology that reduces the use of chemical while cleaning, a 24-volt pump motor and so on.

#1: Dolphin Nautilus Swimming Pool Cleaner

dolphin-nautilus-swimming-pool-cleanerThe Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaner is a smart cleaner that can get the job of cleaning a swimming pool done in minimum time and in an energy-efficient manner. This robotic pool cleaner is capable of cleaning the walls, cove and floor of just about all inground swimming pools. It is also extremely lightweight and easy to operate which makes it a great selection for the experienced pool owner or a newbie. It shuts itself off after the pool is cleaned and its filters are also easy to remove and clean. It also takes care of leaves and debris floating on the surface and is a good investment if you are looking for a reliable and efficient robotic pool cleaner. It’s easily the BEST on the market and #1 on our list for many reasons.


We are very high on the Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner (Model 99996323), as are many other pool owners across the U.S. It has the best combination of ease of use, performance and price bar none. With such a huge price swing in this category (depending on which one you go with), this is easily the best priced, best cleaning machine you can buy. As with all of our reviews (especially the pool cover pumps), there are normally 3 or 4 that you simply cannot go wrong with and the same goes for this list. But for years of reliable service and a great value, the Dolphin is the way to go.  Have Questions?  Click here to ask us questions and we’ll be sure to help. Thanks!